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Saving you time, money and a few sleepless nights.
QuoteI am so pleased to have Rebecca Lilley...

I am so pleased to have Rebecca Lilley as my insurance agent! She is very diligent, patient, professional, and dependable! She has put me at ease with my concerns with insurance issues.

- Barbara Witham

QuoteI had been denied by several companies and didn't know where to turn...

I would like to thank Melinda Small at PRP insurance for being there to help me find affordable healthcare and gap insurance. I have many health problems and could no longer afford the premiums. My medical bills were causing so much stress and I was at a loss. Then I met Melinda and with her help I was able to get affordable insurance. She also helped me find life insurance which I was unable to get on my own. I had been denied by several companies and didn't know where to turn. With Melinda and PRP insurance I no longer feel that my family will be burdened with funeral costs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Jacqueline Stowe-Davis

QuoteThe hands on training PRP provides goes above and beyond my expectations...

I have been involved in the sales/service industry for fifteen plus years. Melinda, the owner of Pinetree Retirement Planning is the first employer that has made me feel like I am someone special, and that I am important asset to the company. I cannot verbalize enough how pleasurable it is to work with my co-workers. My colleagues are exceptionally friendly, but yet demonstrate professionalism at the same time. Whether I am in or out of the office , somebody is always more than willing to assist me. This appreciated work environment far exceeds any corporation for which I have worked. The hands on training PRP provides goes above and beyond my expectations. The owner, as well as other sales agents of the company, are willing to take the time to assist you with sales presentations. Where I may lack knowledge they excel; therefore, I have become more proficient at my job. I have the utmost confidence in putting my career in the hands of PRP. I am very excited about my future with PRP and look forward to the many successes I will achieve. If you are looking for a sales opportunity, I highly suggest you speak with Melinda to learn more!

- Karen Hanson (Independent Insurance Agent)

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